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Ballroom Youth DanceSport Program FAQs 

What is DanceSport?

DanceSport is the name for competitive ballroom dance. This differs from performance dancing and social dancing. DanceSport provides students with the best opportunity to improve and showcase their skills. Social dance skills will still be incorporated into the program in the form of dances taught and available activities.

What is the goal?

The goal for this program is to make ballroom and Latin dance and its associated skills available to youth dancers, who typically do not have the opportunity to learn or participate in ballroom dance. The instructors will teach students competition-ready dance routines. As students learn they routines they will not only learn various dance styles and techniques but also valuable skills such as responsibility, respect, teamwork, self-work, and service.

What will the students do?

Students will have weekly classes, a complimentary private lesson each month, opportunities to perform and compete, and invitations to other activities such as social dances and service projects.  The will also learn some popular social dances like Country 2 step and Salsa, etc.

What are the requirements?

Participants must be from the ages of 8-18. They have to commit to the classes, complete the registration form, and follow the program rules, including those for dress and appearance.

How much does it cost?

The program is $120/month or $300/semester. This covers the weekly classes and a complimentary private lesson each month. The first semester is always free for new students.

What about a partner?

No partners are required. However, students are encouraged to invite their peers to join the program. Students are expected to dance with others in the program; ballroom dance is a partner dance style.

What about previous dance experience?

No dance experience is required for this program. Those who have previous dance experience of any sort will likely learn some aspects of ballroom dance more quickly. Please keep in mind that ballroom dance is its own style and has its own technique and posture compared to other dance styles.

What does a youth dancer need to wear?

There is a dress code for this program. Full details are included in the registration forms. No new or specific clothing is required, however, students are encouraged to get ballroom dance shoes and dance pants or skirts. Please ask instructors for more information on ballroom dance attire.

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