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An introductory lesson is an opportunity to meet with an instructor for 30 minutes at a reduced price and learn the basic 4 elements that allow you to do all dances.  This time allows you and the instructor the opportunity to get to know each other.  Everyone has different learning styles, so the instructor also takes this time to get to know your learning style and plan out how to best help you to accomplish your goals in dance.


There are many reasons that ballroom dance can benefit you, though here I'll focus only on three.
  • Physical - Dance is a very physical activity, where you can burn up to 600 calories in an hour.
  • Social - There are many social dance opportunities all over the place, with many studios doing weekly parties and other places to dance.  You have an opportunity to meet many fun people with similar interests.
  • Emotional - Dancing gives you a sense of accomplishment, whenever you learn a step, compete, perform in a showcase, or manage to get through a dance without repeating any steps.  Dance also helps create more confidence and your abilities in everything you do in you life.
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