Masquerade FAQ

Here are some answers to common questions about our masquerade event. If you have other questions, please reach out to us at EBB Dance.

What are we doing?
This night is packed with events for you! The evening will begin with some dance instruction, followed by general dancing. There will be a professional photographer present to take pictures of you and your group and the pictures will be for sale. Partway through the evening there will be a small showcase with dancers performing for all attendees. We will also have a contest for the best masquerade outfit. At midnight there will be toast to the new year and a balloon drop to welcome 2019.

How do I dress?
As a masquerade, we encourage party goers to come in costume or semi-formal attire. You are welcome to come in formal wear. Whatever you choose, make sure to wear a mask!

What kind of music/dancing?
All kinds of partner dance will be represented, along with line dances and dance games. So we will have ballroom, country, swing, salsa, club Latin, and some other styles of dance represented.

But I don’t know how to dance!
That’s okay. We will begin the evening with a group class to get you started. We will also have a mix of line dances and party games so that everyone can participate. And if you want more than that, EBB Dance starts all students with a free, no-commitment consultation. We also have a group class specifically for beginners on Thursday nights at 7:45 pm.

Are kids allowed?
The events of this evening will appeal to adults. As such, attendees should be ages 14 and older.

Will there be alcohol?
As this is a community event, there will be no alcohol. Sparkling cider will be provided for a toast at midnight.

Do I bring a mask?
We ask all attendees to come masked. Masks will not be for sale at the event.

What kind of food?
We will provide an assortment of finger foods to last the night.

Is there a costume/mask contest?
Yes! We will have our attendees vote on the best costume for the night.

When/Where do I get tickets?
Tickets are available now and can be purchased online at Tickets must be purchased by December 27.

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