Community Involvement

We are very focused on ensuring that our students benefit from their time at EBB Dance, but we also want that benefit to spread to our community. Since the start of this year we’ve had a few different opportunities to do just that–dance in and with the community. Here are the highlights:

Here we are, dressed and ready to perform one of our numbers at the Beauty & the Beast dance. We loved our costumes!

First, we were happy to perform at the Johnson County Homeschool Dance & Prom: Beauty & the Beast Masquerade dance on January 20. We danced a Viennese waltz to La Belle et la Bete, and then a rumba to Beauty and the Beast. We also really enjoyed our costumes and seeing the dancers dressed up for the evening.

A few days later we did two story time events at the Cleburne Public Library. We focused on music and movement with the kids. We enjoyed teaching different dances and getting the kids to move to different songs. I think we were all pretty exhausted by the end!

We started February with a dance through the ages workshop at the Cleburne Public Library on the first. Eric and Bria took turns teaching different ethnic and period dances, concluding with some social dancing and performances. Bria’s favorite part was getting everyone there to do a little hula dancing!

This is the venue from the 80’s dance. It looked awesome!

The next event was teaching 80’s dance moves at the 80’s themed dance for the Johnson County Homeschool Dance & Prom group. There was the Running Man, Roger Rabbit, Hammer dance, and some Thriller of course! The kids there learned really fast, and got creative with their styling 😀


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