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Eric & Bria Bird

Eric and Bria Bird danced together for the first time in January 2008 at Brigham Young University in Provo, UT.  This was the beginning of a fun and very enjoyable relationship. Both of them began learning ballroom dance in college, where they participated in all the social dance events and classes that they could fit into their schedules and ultimately received minors in ballroom dance.  While at BYU they also began to compete together, focusing mostly on the smooth and standard styles of ballroom dancing, though they did the occasional Latin/Rhythm event.

    In 2012 they moved to Texas where they began their search for a place to dance.  They were also recruited to help with teaching a few students at various studios. After 4 years of teaching in various studios they opened EBB Dance. At EBB Dance the focus is on the student’s experience and spreading the benefits of dance to the community. The studio volunteers in the community regularly and has created a unique youth program. The studio regularly has studio outings so students can practice their skills. There are also competition and performance opportunities. All of these things are done to embody the studio’s motto of energy, boldness, and balance. Eric and Bria currently work with some of the top coaches and competitors in the US to help them improve their dancing and teaching.




"He is an excellent dance teacher from the basics to the harder stuff. My wife and I enjoyed taking a class from him and his wife."


"Eric is a very thorough patient dance instructor."

— Suzy S.

"The instructors were great! I would highly recommend this experience to any who have this one their "to do someday" list! Lets dance!!!"

— Jody V
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